Wendy Powell welcomed 31 members to the meeting and had received 6 apologies. She also welcomed Julie Wassamer, local author of the “Whitstable Pearl” mysteries to the meeting.
Wendy said that it was very nice to be able to meet face-to-face again after 18 months away.
She then pointed out that the sign up form with payment required, in respect of our Birthday Lunch next month, is on the table with Marylyn and Judy.
Members were reminded that we should limit the numbers of people going to the kitchen for their refreshments and that a strict one-way system was in place. Phones were to be turned off or put on silent and if a member leaves before the close of the meeting, please let a committee member know. Chairs to be stacked away at the end of the meeting.
Wendy thanked members who have helped set this meeting up.
Record of the Meeting (last face-to-face one) held on 10th March 2020 is on the table and on the website. To be signed at the end of the meeting.

Reporting Back:
Afternoon Tea
on 14th August was very successful and enjoyed by all who attended
Victory Woods Walk was at last held on 31st August and was most enjoyable, pictures on the website.
Walks other walks have taken place allowing members to get together as restrictions allowed.
Munch Bunch met at The Heron on 3rd September attended and enjoyed by 9 members.

Up and coming events:
Coffee and Chat
is to start up again on the 30th September at The Marine – see website for more details
Circular Walk lead by Jane Webb will take place on 23rd September, please see website for details
Gorrell Valley Nature Reserve Lead by Shirley Edwards on 26th October, Shirley to address meeting later.
Seasalter Quiz 26th October – see details at the end of these minutes
Wendy then introduced our speaker, local author of “Whitstable Pearl” mysteries, Julie Wassamer.
Julie came along with Liz from Harbour Books.
Julie was engaging and enlightened us all on her work and journey from London to moving to Whitstable in 1999. Julie, as a scriptwriter, has written for Eastenders and other tv productions and we learned of her love of crime fiction writing. She is now working on number 9 “Murder at Mount Ephraim” and for her research actually stayed at the “house” at Mount Ephraim and was very amusing in re-telling of her experiences, including a “ghostly presence”
Julie said writing is a skill which can be learned and she spoke of her characters and how they developed. She is a month away from completing “Murder at Mount Ephraim” and she still doesn’t know who “done it”!.
Her excitement at her work being translated to the small screen was evident and she spoke of how it generated a lot of work in the local area. The series can be found on Acorn TV and she mentioned that there is also a good documentary on YouTube (“Whitstable Pearl – from page to screen). When asked if she had an ambition to feature in the scenes, she said a definite “Oh yes”!.
Julie took questions from members – Wendy thanked Julie for such an interesting and informative talk and advised that members could purchase books from Liz and Julie would be on hand to answer questions and sign books.
After refreshments, Jane Napper took a photo of members which will be used for a virtual birthday card to the WI on their 106th birthday.
Wendy gave information of the next couple of meetings:

Next Meeting: will be our AGM, followed by our Birthday Lunch.

November Meeting: it is proposed to have a Bring and Buy to raise funds for our WI, members can bring along any suitable items that need a new home, and makers can bring along their goods with 10% of their sales going to the funds.

Secretary’s Report: Gill advised members that the ACM next year will be at The Leas Hall Folkestone on the 16th March 2022 and that the sign up form and payment information will be on hand at the next meeting.
Gill has tickets on sale at £1 each for the National Raffle.

Treasurer’s Report: Marylyn advised that we raised £306 for Breast Cancer Research at the Afternoon Tea and that will translate to approximately £380 after Gift Aid. She also told members that although the cheque had been sent off in August it still had not reached the charity due to postal issues so could not show members the Certificate, which Marylyn will chase up in due course.

Gorrell Valley Nature Reserve Walk: Shirley advised that this will be a guided walk by Richard Amos on 26th October and will include information on Past Present and Future Plans. See website to book.

Tree of Life Jane Napper is collating the leaves for this project, which will go on to a competition to be judged at an event in November. Leaves can be made in any medium and passed to Jane – see website for further information.

Beach Cleans Yvonne Philbrick advised that although we have not been able to hold a Beach Clean for some time due to restrictions, The Friends of Tankerton Bay hold monthly cleans on a Sunday morning. Details to be passed to Wendy for inclusion on our website.

Seasalter Quiz: Alison Edwards was taking names during the break for this Quiz and we will definitely book a table (or 2) for this event on 26th October. £3.50.
The Raffle was then drawn.
Wendy went on to welcome our new member, Janet to our membership.

Date of Next Meeting: 12th October – AGM and Birthday Lunch